New Plasmic app failing to start.

Hello, im currently facing an issue when generating a new codebase for my plasmic project with the npx create-plasmic-app

after running the npm dev, logs keeps showing

and the app doesn’t start


getting also this on the browser console

never experienced that before

what are the options you picked for create-plasmic-app?

Nextjs JavaScript codegen

is this a new issue or what cause i didn’t introduce anything all is happening in the generated codebase.

what’s the project id?

i sent it

hmm, I’m not sure, I cannot reproduce the issue :thinking_face:

is it working for you or what ?

all is npx create-plasmic-app nothing else

yeah when I run npx create-plasmic-app with your project, I don’t see any issues :thinking_face:

can you show me the error without the cut-off

can you check here? it looks like the problem may be with your development computer

the problem is in windows

just ssh into an ubuntu and all is working as expected

but thanks for your time