NextJS 13 page URL parameters not updating

One thing I noticed with NextJS 13 and the app directory feature: Meanwhile Plasmic generates the pages with the page.tsx in the nested directory, which is great ( you should regenerate the pages from plasmic if you have been working around it before), but since the generated page files use the “hack” with the try-catch “useNextRouter”, any component using URL params won’t update it’s state when the param is updated after rendering. You have to set the whole page to a Clientside rendered component using “use client”;, otherwise it won’t work.
Maybe it would be an option to have a switch in Plasmic Studio to make it a client-side component?

Good point. Possibly worthy having such switch on studio UI.
Thanks @stuck_guineafowl!

@stuck_guineafowl yes, for now you’ll need to manually add “use client”. We’re working on features to generate better Next.js 13 app/ directory compatible code in a few weeks.