No items returned with query.

hi! I’m pasting this directly from sanity vision into the SanityFetcher component and i’m not getting any items back!

*[_type == "faq" && "Bulimia" in conditions ] {  question, answer }

check the api version in the sanity package on plasmic, if not set it is a very old one

no dice!

@yang any idea here?

could you send us the link?

@chungwu any idea?

is the groq query valid? I don’t know your schema but running it against your sanity server directly via curl, I also get an empty result

when I run the query in sanity it works fine for me*[%20_type%20%3D%3D%20’faq’%20%26%26%20’Bulimia’%20in%20conditions%20]%20{...}

hmm I see empty result set on that url

if I use curl I get an empty array but if I paste the url into a browser I get results

hmm in the browser I also see empty results…

do you think it could be permissions related

if I use another browser where im not logged in I get 0 results

if I remove the 'Bulimia' in conditions I do see results though*[%20_type%20%3D%3D%20"faq"%20]%20{...}

yes same

we need to be able to filter the faq items by condition though

yeah; so it seems like something is wrong with either the groq query or the sanity server