noAutoRepeat is not available for CMS data loader

Hello, I’m trying to apply this tutorial to create a dynamic Carousel slider
Instead of using Shopify I’m trying to connect it to Plasmic CMS instead. It works fine but the Plasmic CMS component does not have the property to toggle off auto-repeat like the Shopify component in the tutorial. So for a 2 item collection in Plasmic CMS, I now have 2 carousels with 2 items each. Is there a way to toggle off auto-repeat for the CMS Data Loader? Thank you


Hi @early_lizard, thanks for reporting - we’re looking into fixing this

As a fix, I just hide all div except for first child, but as the number of elements increased this won’t be viable. Please let me know when a proper “no-autorepeat” is implemented for the CMS Data Loader. Thank you and keep on rocking :smile: