Non-technical team struggling with Plasmic.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Allan and I’m currently checking plasmic as an alternative to replace our current CMS.

Background story: We habve a D2C brand called TBô (shopify + datocms + Gatsbyjs)

When we built that I had 4 full time devs in house. Now I moved my tech team to my new company and they are building “Decommerce, the engine to grow, engage and own your community”… Which means that I only have non technical people who are taking care of the ecommerce of TBô and they always complain that DatoCMS is too complicated and they would rather go back to a full shopify storefront…

Long story short… I want to keep the speed of an headless shopify store but I would like to simplify the process to change visually stuff on the site. Plasmic seems to be a good alternative BUT it’s not very intuitive for non technical people.

I feel like that if you don’t have a dev guy who put everything in place and do the maintenance my non-techy won’t be able to manage the site. What are you experience with plasmic with non technical people?

P.s. the image is an attention grabber