npm package for Ant code component registrations

Hey everyone! Quick announcement that we released a public package that contains some common antd components to be used as code components.
To use it, just add the @plasmicpkgs/antd package to your project and add to your plasmic-init file:

import { registerAll } from "@plasmicpkgs/antd";

registerAll(loader); // for loader users

registerAll(); // for codegen users  

We’ve added tooltips for the available props but we still recommend that you look at the antd documentation to fully understand the capabilities of each component.
In this package we also allow you to import specific components and also modify the way we register them by simply importing the component Meta like this:

import { buttonMeta, registerButton } from "@plasmicpkgs/antd";

const customButtonMeta = buttonMeta;
registerButton(undefined, customButtonMeta);

The package implementation can be found here. If you have any components you would like to use/see in this package, feel free to open a Pull Request and we’ll be happy to review it.
Remember to see our documentation about Code Components and the Component API.
Here’s a quick video showing the available components:

Is it installed through the npm package?

yes sir!

I installed the npm package and then made an import to plasmic-init and then where to insert RegisterAll(loader); I have errors, I’m doing something wrong…in fact, I have to add components to the project, that is, create them myself?

You also have to install the antd and @plasmicapp/host npm package to your project if you havent already and it should work

I want to suggest Plamsic allowing users to add their custom packages and insert code. UI frameworks like AntD or MUI have their own demo code. Developers can just copy them and paste in Plasmic.

Developers also need to load the data and operate CRUD with the backend. No matter RESTFUL API or serverless SDK. Developers need to insert their own code.

Registration restricts Plasmic’s flexibility.

Just to add a reference to the previous discussion related to npm package. This is how we can register them in consumer project via a single import.