Number input from ant package not trigger number keyboard.


The number input from the ant package doesn’t trigger the number keyboard by default, and some specified styles are not being applied to the component. Is there a specific workaround or solution to make it work as expected?


Sorry for that; that seems to be the default behavior of antd input-number (, but we will modify the component in our end to include type=“number” attribute in the input to fix that.

Ok thanks, @tiago!

Do you think we can also address the issue with styles? As mentioned, some of the styles are not being reflected in the component

Hi @kindhearted_cattle! This is now fixed. Input Number will include type="number" by default and you can change it to other type if you want - it’s an advanced prop as shown in the screen recording.

I’ll take a look in the issue with styles.

Hi @tiago, thanks for that fix; I also confirm that with this adjustment the number keyboard is now being displayed in our end

Hi, the ant inputs are designed to work in harmony with the ant theme settings, and they are not as flexibly customizable when it comes to styling as the built-in headless plume text input component. For now if you need to change up the styling of the input more, please use the headless text input component instead

Hi @yang

Thanks for the response, it seems that this issue might have a broader impact on all ANT design components that can be utilized within Plasmic, because these issues already opened are similar (although in this case, for the number input, some styles didn’t get reflect even in plasmic studio)


Hi guys @tiago @yang, is there any update yet to these kind of issues?

Hi, just to clarify, the ant components will always have more limited styling than the headless ones, so some of these settings are not expected to work. I realize it can be confusing to know what is and isn’t available, so in the future we will work to remove these style settings from even showing up in the right sidebar. But let me know if I’m misunderstanding some things still, and if you feel like you have encountered a bug.