Number of hosting domains on starter and pro plans.

How many main domains and subdomains can we use on the starter and pro plans?

There is no limit to this, for instance if you are hosting on a platform like Netlify or Vercel, you can associate as many domains as you’d like

what about in the Studio @yang ? I’m using the plasmic studio, I dont intend to use the code gen stuff

Plasmic does have simple built-in hosting, but it doesn’t allow you to publish a single project to multiple domains.

But if you want to deploy different projects to different domains, that’s fine (and no limits here), and you can also import assets across projects so you can share a single set of components across multiple projects.

Wow! @yang very fascinating.

I think this should be advertised more. Becayse this is very appealing for people for example who build marketing funnels.

This is always a major limitstiom with other platforms. And the page building experience is pretty much the best in the market… paired with all the other capabilities…

Coming from someone who has been running a marketing agency for years, and has typically built projects on Webflow, Framer, and Clickfunnels.

Safe to say that I will be moving everything to Plasmic pretty much :slight_smile: