og image not working on any social media

I have a plasmic site deployed with netlify and i cant get an preview when i post the link on social media. i have all the page metadata filled out but still nothing. please help me out with this.

Is the page dynamic with metadata filled with the Page Metadata Override component? If so, it will only work if you have SSR working for the page.

hello, thanks for the response, but how do i enable ssr for the page

Hello, I do not have page metadata override for this plasmic project, and i have not added any next.js Head to my code. the page meta date shows when i inspect the page via the browser, but when i put it in facebook debugger it say og.image not specified.

Can you send the page that this is happening and the project link?

Hi guerra, do you mean i should send the project id. the website link is https://heights-uae.com/ do i share the project id here also? i look forward to your reply.

Yes, you can share your project ID here too

hello guerra, this is the project id

Hello @oluwaseyi_adedayo.

There seems to be an issue with Auth and server side rendering currently that is disabling SEO for pages that have auth enabled.

The team will be working on this issue and will ping here when it’s solved.

hello guerra, thanks for the reply. I would be expecting your ping.
unrellated though,
you are the first plasmic team member to fully reply me. I was always snubbed on this platform until now.
I am glad this is a change, thanks

Hello @oluwaseyi_adedayo. Can you try publishing a new version of your project and seeing if it works?

hello guerra, I published the project again but the meta tags still didnt work

It seems to be working fine now, testing it here:

It might take some time to propagate on other platforms.