OnChange event not triggering in React.


So I’m trying to build something with the states and found out that in some situations the on change event doesn’t trigger.

Here I have a component with a state variable. Say component ONE.
I’m using on click event on another component (TWO) to set the state variable of component ONE. The state is changed as expected, but the on change interactive event is never triggered.

Both on click and on change are set using the Interactions options.

could you point us to the project?

ah I see… this works similarly to how React components usually work they fire onChange() events. For example, if you write a TextInput component in React, with a prop for value and one for onChange, the onChange typically only gets called when the change is initiated from within the TextInput component (say, someone typing into an <input/>), and not when its parent passed in a new value for value prop. In your project, the spinner-test component should call the onShowChanged event when the state is updated from within spinner-test (if it is setting $state.show = ...), but not from outside (where its parent is setting $state.test.show)