Open source, elements initial styles and new video tutorials

<!channel> We’re excited to share updates about our open-source status! Additionally, you can now remove the default 8px padding :fire:, along with a few more updates. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these changes.

Read our full release notes in Substack

That’s awesome, are there any documentation on how to deploy the editor locally?

The current documentation could use an update it seems like

Just received the NL about your open source move, this is awesome.
Does it include the editor itself, and if yes, is there any documentation on how to deploy it locally ?

Yes, the editor itself is open source as well. You can view the getting started guide on how to run it here:

For general docs on the whole codebase, see:

This is new for us too, so you might run into some issues :crossed_fingers:. Don’t hesitate to ask us here or on GitHub.

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Well done done guys . This is awesome news.

Will this effect Payment Plans and in particular Enterprise features?

Open-source studio is extremely exciting! Being able to opt-out the default padding is too

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Love the updates!

That’s awesome, I have eager to see how it improves design flexibility .


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