Option to override token values in imported projects needed

It would be great that if there was an option that when you imported a project; and both projects have the same exact token names, but with different values, if you could override the imported components with values from the project that it got imported to.

For example, I created a helper project for learning about Effects in general and I also have a starter project that has my project’s theme colors … ideally, when I imported the project into my starter project, I’d be able to see the imported components in my custom theme colors

I think this one can be confusing sometimes, because, the normal expectation of importing a project is that you get access to the components from that project with the UI defined by them, allowing to be customized though variants, but I see the point that you are trying to bring, if you consider the theming as something separate from the project, you can have more reusable components that way.

ya, it reminds me of what the pasting is like when you do the Figma plugin; that it asks you if you want to use the Plasmic defaults; possibly something similiar asking if you want to use the current project’s defaults