Organize a Show & Tell conference

Hi all,

Was just discussing with another community member. Would be awesome if Plasmic or us(the community) can maybe arrange a conference/meeting on show & tell.
How our projects are setup and maybe we can inspire each other.

We are hoping it would promote a lot of knowledge share. :rocket:

Oz I love your idea. You have quite a few reactions to your post so it sounds like there is interest. I bet if we post the same question in general it will bring even more interest. TO THE COMMUNITY: do any of you want to show & tell your project? Post a reply here and give a quick rundown on what your app/site does. Let’s use Google Meet. I have a Google Workspace so we can go over 60 minutes, and use breakout rooms if desired. If you have a better idea let me know. I can help organize, generate the meeting link, and those types of tasks. We can start basic and see what this turns into. We just need to start. Here’s an idea for a 1 hour meeting: get two different presenters. First one presents for 15 mins, then 10 mins for Q&A, then the next presenter, and Q&A. Then we’ll have the last 10 mins available for whoever wants to speak/share. Anyone who wants to keep in closer touch can share their contact info during the meeting (phone/etc) in the chat box. Anyone who wants to loiter after the meeting is welcome to. I don’t have anything to demo, but I’m personally interested in the topics of Dynamic Data, State and Interactions. As much as I enjoy coding, I’m trying to see if I can use Studio for pretty much everything I need (“full stack plasmic”). I’m exploring new ways of app development since plasmic has connected me with the product expert/designer in my company. It saves a lot of time. Anyway, that doesn’t need to be our meeting’s focus though. Please respond if you want to demo your project. This will be fun! :slight_smile:

What day and time? I would present but I may be out of town.

I’d be keen too.

Great! I’ll private message those interested to be a presenter and I’ll organize work out a day/time that best fits.

@attainable_catshark @political_magpie can you share some info on what you would like to present at the meeting?

This is awesome and I’d be happy to attend too if that’s helpful!

@chungwu Yes we would love to have you. I’m talking with Linc/Jeff to settle on a date/time and what they will speak on. After the presenters are done (1 hr into the meeting) I was thinking of an Open Floor for however long users want to stay in the meeting, so anyone can share/ask about anything they want. There will probably be questions that only you know the answers to. Participants can jump into breakout rooms for more focused discussions on specific topics, feel free to go into those too.