Organizing and hiding Code Components

Two questions for the plasmic community/team!

  1. Is there a way to organize Code Components? I can see the list growing rapidly, and being overwhelming to find the component
  2. Is there a way to hide a code component from the components view? I’d like to hide direct usage of the code component, and only have the component available as a default value (less choices for marketers, the better)
  1. When registering code components, you can specify parent components, which will cause your components to be organized in a hierarchy
  2. Good question, you can hide plasmic components from the insertion menu but not yet code components I believe. I’m passing this on to the team.

@yang where/how can I specify parent components? I don’t see it in the docs

found it in the source code, might be helpful to add to the docs :slightly_smiling_face: