Our project is not loading - reports error from app host trying to access

<!here> Hey all - our project 6VdeyEjjCTtM4jTGJcmay1 won’t load. While it reports an error from our app host when attempting to access, the problem only started to occur after setting a page prop caused a plasmic error in studio. I have confirmed our plasmic host is still up and working fine, so not sure what’s gone wrong!

Additionally, whenever I attempt to access “configure project” for this project (or any project on the same app host, it looks like?), I get the error in the screenshot.

This is blocking all projects associated with that app host, and I can’t even change the app host to temporarily allow my workers access, so need help ASAP please!

Sorry about this, I’m on it!

Should be back up; sorry about that!

Thanks so much guys! Could you give me any insight into what went wrong there? Was there something we did that kicked that failure off? Bit scary to suddenly not be able to access any of our projects!

Nothing you did wrong; the issue was on our side :pensive: