Overflow not working properly

It was working perfectly in the base variant and the second variant, but in Mobile variant its exceeding the container when i havent even set it to be. as you can see the images below, both the children containers are stretching beyond the limit.

I see that the scrolling container is set to have a width of stretch, which should fill whatever spaces given to it from its parent container. Can you check the parent container?

And can you share your plasmic project URL if that doesn’t resolve?

Both the parent and its child containers are working fine in the Pc and tablet variant, it’s giving problem only in the mobile variant. And i also tried increasing the width of the mobile variant in the main component, but yet they keep sticking out of it, Plasmic

Hi @little_butler , I’m not sure if the design has changed, but I cannot find that anywhere:

The design looks very nice BTW

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Apologies for the late reply, but that’s the homepage.

The overflow problem is still there, at this link, Plasmic

The pc and tablet is good, but this particular container, the rank card, is overflowing ouytside of its parent container. I thought it’s only acting weird in the studio, but unfortunately this behaviour is still present even after exporting it.

And thanks for the compliment. :grinning: