Page loading bar at top of page.

Hey guys, question time)
I’ve updated version today after several weeks of not doing it, and I’m now getting Loading... bar at the top of the page when it loads
How can I remove it?)

Hi, this only shows up if you are using the ant design system. It’s not yet possible to opt out of it but I can file that as feedback for the team!

Oh, you are right!
Since I’m not even using it I can just get rid of it and call it a day)
I think that the team should know that this is a bit annoying for some users
Thanks a ton, Yang!

On that note, I’m curious about how to understand how deps are being used in the project?
Its quite easy in code, but not straightforward in Plasmic

On the left sidebar there’s a tab for imported projects, you can remove it from there

Yeah, thanks, I already know that)

I meant how do I understand where in the project dep is being used, say I have these style tokens from Ant, how can I search through the project and see where these tokens were applied

Another concern I have - say I have a list of deps, and there is no easy way to understand what they are for, the only thing I can do is remove.
I would personally like to see a link to docs or some tooltip with basic explanation. Maybe it works fine if you are a single person working on a Plasmic project, and you can recall from memory what you did, but if it’s a team, It becomes harder to collaborate and optimize bundlesize.

This is our case, a designer was trying to accomplish some task bringing in multiple deps, and now developer tries to understand what these are for, which is a pain

Tokens, components, etc should have a menu item for finding all usages

Ooh, yeah, I see, that’s rad :star-struck:
Thanks a ton :clap: