Page not loading on Vercel

Hello, I’m trying to port my page over to Vercel for hosting, but the page only shows the welcome to plasmic page. I have added the PlasmicCanvasHost/plasmic-host.tsx to the public folder but still can’t get it to work

I used Plasmic to push the page to my GitHub Repo

Hi, this probably means you did not initially have a page at the / route. Inside of plasmic, when editing any page, on the right sidebar under the page data tab you should be able to set the route for the page, and for there to be something at the homepage you need to set it as the / route.

Also, since there was initially no homepage, there was a welcome page filled in there. But now you will need to remove that homepage, called index.tsx, and instead rename the catch-all to be an optional catch-all [[…catchall]].tsx.

Hmmm… not seeing a catchall.tsx

even with removing the index, it’s still the same. my homepage is set at /

If the homepage route is newly added, then you can remove the existing GitHub connection and push again to a new GitHub repo, and this time the defaults will be correct

same results.


Did you also create a new Vercel project connected to your new GitHub repo?

Did you use default settings for push to github? Nextjs loader typescript?

What are you seeing on your live site, and were there any errors in Vercel deployments?

I used React to push to GitHub,
And I’ll try again with a fresh project.

I just see the “Welcome to Plasmic!” page

Sorry, using plain react does not come with a routing framework so none of the routes will work out of the box. We will add a tip to clarify that. Stick to nextjs