Page reloads when burger menu is clicked

I have an issue for a specific page Form of my application. On this page, I have my top bar with a small burger menu on the right for phone users.
On this page and only this page, when I click on my burger menu, the whole page reloads because an empty queryparam sequence is added to the url ( becomes than back to very fast).

Because the page reloads, the overlay with my menu does not display.
Has anyone encountered such a problem?

(happens only in deployment, not in Preview mode)

Was this form created by inserting form from the insert menu? It seems that the form is a basic HTML form instead of a JavaScript form

Can you also share the Plasmic project url to where we can find this form?

Hi, which url do you need and is secure to be shared?

How was this form created?

You can just disable share-by-link on the project sharing settings if needed, I’ll still be able to see

on plasmic with classical input elements and property bindings

Here is the link :

Hi, yeah, this is a classical HTML form which requires there to be an HTTP endpoint that accepts form inputs.

If you don’t have that, I would recommend the following the instructions here for a javascript-enabled form that also works with the built-in data integration features in Plasmic (onSubmit, you can send it to an integration of your choosing, such as Zapier, a REST API, an Airtable, or a Postgres database)