Page titles don't appear after publishing to GitHub

Hi there!

Just recently started using Plasmic, and I’m running into an issue regarding pages. When setting a page tab title, it doesn’t seem to appear in the browser after publishing the changes to GitHub and then running the server locally.
Currently am just using a template website for testing this.

Loving the app so far though!



Any chance you chose to deploy as a plain React instead of Next.js? Plain React unfortunately doesn’t have the concept of pages built-in (unlike the Next.js framework)

Ahh, yes that might be it then!
Thanks for the speedy response!

Just adding on;
We are deploying a react app with node.js and express. We’re looking to integrate custom coded pages+components with Plasmic. Would it still be possible to dynamically render pages in Plasmic when deploying with React?

Yes, but (unlike with Next.js) there are a number of routing approaches here

Is your routing being done client-side by something like React Router? Or server-side by Express itself?

Whichever it is, you can always load and render the correct page from Plasmic

Here’s an example of a code snippet for React Router:

(specifically the snippet under “Auto load all Plasmic pages”)

Hey @yang thanks for the assistance. I’m using codegen. Here is a repro

When it first loads is what I see, when you click the logo it will switch to what I want to see

2022-05-16 10.03.56.gif

My intention is to use Link from @remix-run/react.

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