Page views and pricing

Non tech newbie here, humbly apologising in advance for any dumb questions, and appreciate this topic has been raised before - but I’ve struggled for clarity and to wholly understand what the implications may be for us going forward with Plasmic, so here goes:

Covering other threads, I’ve gleaned this much:

  • Monthly page views is the number of times a Plasmic-rendered page is loaded in a month

  • The monthly number of distinct page views across any page on your site that includes a Plasmic design.

  • It is for views of Plasmic content consumed via the headless API (PlasmicComponent). If you’re using codegen, it doesn’t have this limit.

  • A user ‘Jim’ asked: How do page views count if you use the Plasmic REST API that generates pure html / Javascript?

So, my question is:

  • What is the implication if I am importing my complete design from Figma (and then looking to integrate with Supabase and Vercel)?

Yes you can use the Figma import and then integrate with Plasmic and Vercel. Did you have a specific concern about it?

Thanks for replying Jason and appreciate your patience!
I’m looking for clarification on the pricing implication.
The wording on the page views is what’s confusing me, as I appreciate you can design from scratch in Plasmic (which is how I’m translating a “Plasmic Design”); I assume this directly relates to plasmic design / plasmic rendered pages that count towards page views and the pricing tier structure.
And then, one can also import one’s own Figma design - so my question is, does the page view count still apply in this scenario in the same way?

Any further response would be most welcome!

Yes, the page view count still applies to designs imported from Figma. Once you import a design from Figma to Plasmic, it becomes a “Plasmic design”.

Thanks for clarifying, much appreciated.