Performance poor when editing configure operation window.

Data queries - Configure operation window - In some cases, the performance of the configure operation window is extremely poor, to the point where the page times out and I have to kill the browser tab without even being able to make any changes to it. I have not yet identified the exact circumstances but I do notice it almost every time I have api call queries where I define multiple params.

What happens is the window is sluggish to load when opened, until it finishes loading the resulting query data, and then if I try to change or add any params, it becomes unusable.

Just now, after clicking to add a new param and typing in the param key, the window froze and I had to wait several minutes until I could see the param name I typed and the results of the query (which didn’t even account for the newly entered param because I didn’t yet have a chance to enter a value for it).

It’s as if the window attempts to fetch the query and load the results on every keystroke as I type. During this time, the Chrome tab cpu usage spikes to ~20% (as observed in Task Manager) and I get several Chrome prompts about the tab being unresponsive and having to choose whether to Wait or kill the tab.

I noticed it with queries/integrations of different types and across projects, so I can’t be the only experiencing it. This is a real problem and I was wondering - is it a known issue and can anything be done about it?

After typing the above message and managing to save out of the configure operation window, clicking a few times on elements in the project resulted in a chrome tab crash.

It feels like there may be some serious memory leaks happening here?


Hello @exhaustive_panther. Do you have a specific page/query that triggers this?

Also, does it happen on both the Data Fetcher component and Page queries?

Yes, it happens in any configure operation window. I setup a test project for you, I will DM you details.