Plasmic Accelerate program available.

<!channel> We’re introducing a new, limited-time program designed to accelerate your Plasmic projects (more info here). The primary focus of this program is to help users achieve their goals while we learn how we can improve Plasmic for specific use cases. Please note, this program is focused to the Plasmic aspects of your project, so we have some restrictions, as explained in the page. We encourage you to apply and to give us feedback.

Would you consider WebApps? As it says “We’re primarily targeting marketing and e-commerce sites, but we may be open to other types of websites. Don’t hesitate to apply if you think your project would be a good a fit.”

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We are open to receiving submissions to other scenarios, but we would have to analyze, it will depend on the specifics of each user request.

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Do the designs need to be ready at time of application ? (as they are not complete yet)

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It’s not required at time of application, but it’s required before we start any work in a project.

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FYI - The vertical stacks are pretty long on mobile (iOS)

Thanks for the call @fulfilled_fish, fixed, we will be looking into adding this kind of settings that show a different content in iOS in our issues tab or blocking it.

That’s amazing news!

We are Canadian furniture wholesaler (, currently we are in the process of building our next gen commerce platform with MedusaJS ( We chose Plasmic to be our builder for our sales channels (B2B, B2C, POS)

Thank You to Plasmic Team for creating tool that enables workflows that were impossible before - now going Open Source, truly incredible!

We love Plasmic and the abstraction level it offers to our designers, yet fully customizable and dev friendly to fit into any tech stack.

I already filled out the application, hope to hear back from you guys!

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I’ve applied but not heard back yet. Any update ? :cry:

You should get a reply soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Just applied !

@fmota @chungwu @alyssa_feola Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself, I just submitted this form and made this loom for you:

@yang @samuel