Plasmic + Angular 17

Hey guys,

Is there a way to run Plasmic on Angular 17 app? It seems it works with Angular up to 12. Are there any workarounds or suggestions?

Hi @sergey_a, unfortunately we haven’t been actively maintaining our Angular integration. You’re welcome to try it with Angular 17, and we can try to debug any issues that arise.

To try Plasmic with Angular 17, use overrides to override Plasmic’s dependency on Angular 12 with Angular 17. You can also try using npm install --legacy-peer-deps.

Hi @jason,

I added overrides

But now I have another problem

And I don’t understand why we need React in the angular loader…

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We need React to render the Plasmic content to HTML, which then gets rendered in an Angular app.

It looks like maybe TypeScript is trying to validate types in our Plasmic libraries. Maybe you can try setting skipLibCheck to true? TSConfig Reference - Docs on every TSConfig option