plasmic API call error on localhost


is there a reason why plasmic ( using localhost:3000/plasmic-host ) …

Is not making any api calls to my backend running on localhost & added an integration.

Whenever I make http api calls it gives me error : “Internal Server Error”

Hi @illuminating_egret! How did you add the integration? Can you check your browser console network tab to see which server is returning “Internal server error” and for which request?

I didnt check that… But I am making the same request via local postman & it the call works…

also even after returning plasmicUser & token… The app doesnt recognize my user

Please check what is the endpoint that is failing, otherwise it’s hard for us to debug.

Request URL: Method:
POSTStatus Code:
500 Internal Server ErrorRemote Address: Policy:
Response Headers
Request Headers
Network Data Available

  1. {appId: “w7eAZQovPUNytLE6xvjoML”, opId: “bc351914-ecfa-40df-8477-f37827e91b63”, userArgs: {},…}
  2. appId
  3. :
    a. “w7eAZQovPUNytLE6xvjoML”
  4. identifier
  5. :
    a. {email: “”}
  6. opId
  7. :
    a. “bc351914-ecfa-40df-8477-f37827e91b63”
  8. userArgs
  9. :
    a. {}