Plasmic Base variant is empty most of the times

Hi team,
Recently, I noticed that the Base variant of any components would show up as empty (the component tree structure is basically empty).
Other sub variants will show up correctly.
This issue happened intermittently around 50-60% and it first happened around 5 or 6 days ago. This happened to all my existing projects.
If I open dev tool and refresh the component that is having empty canvas, then it loads fine but this is very inconvenient.

I have attached the screenshot below for your information

  1. Empty canvas when Base variant is selected

  2. Proper canvas when different variant (mode: “active”) is selected

I hope this issue can be addressed soon as it is quite annoying.
Thank you very much.

Can you share which Plasmic project URL is having this issue? Is it using a custom app host?

One thing you can also blindly try is updating your loader-nextjs to the latest to see if that helps.

Hi Yang,
As usual, thank you very much for your quick reply.
My app is a Plasmic code-gen app and is custom host as well. Hence why I do not use loader-nextjs inside my app.
My project URL is Plasmic