Plasmic bot not triggering Vercel deployments

It is possible I am wrong, but I could have sworn that the plasmic bot which commits code could trigger vercel deployments (according to vercel docs, if the bot is listed in github marketplace it should work), however it doesn’t seem to.

Do I need to use a webhook? If so, how do I publish to github and then trigger the webhook, trying this out, it seems like it immediately triggers the webhook

Vercel has a built-in GitHub integration that doesn’t rely on web hooks but instead monitors your repo for new pushes, it should be the default behavior whenever you set up a new project there

@yang yes, that is I have, but I now get this error:

“Git author must have access to the project on Vercel.”

so when plasmic writes a git commit with it’s user (when hitting publish) it doesn’t trigger vercel

If you are using the Plasmic Loader (Headless API), no code is pushed to the Github repo (as stated here. That’s the reason Webhooks are used to automatize new deploys in Vercel. It is discussed in this post