Plasmic cannot determine which layer the the clicked element belongs to


I created a new Plasmic project in my playground.

Setup the HelloWorld Code Component in my project, the one taken from the next.js quick start.
It’s a Remix app runnin in

I pasted New Remix App into the “Configure project” modal.

Now anytime I click on anything on the page in the plasmic studio I get this error popup:

“Plasmic cannot determine which layer the the clicked element belongs to. This happens typically on code component where Plasmic doesn’t know the structure of the DOM in the component.”

Can someone help please?

Hi, can you share the link to the code sandbox source? When I go to the plasma-host url, I just see a blank page, whereas it is supposed to look something like this.

Hello Yang,

I fixed the plasmic-host.tsx file I created.
You can try it again.

I’l try to DM you a link to the code sandbox.

It’s specific to CSB! CSB is doing something funky in how it runs apps. (I saw that they also disappear after a couple of seconds.) When I download the code and just run it from localhost (or if you deploy to any hosting provider like Vercel), it’s fine.

Hey guys,

I’m trying to use codesandbox too. Unfortunately it seems plasmic-host doesn’t work properly, as @yang mentioned, and these are the errors returned on the plasmic-host page, so none of my layers load properly but the project DOES open.

Can you either suggest a solution or an alternate platform? Though I’d really like to stay on codesandbox.