Plasmic checks for new version too often.

I’ve deployed a Plasmic setup using the nextjs template. I’ve found that it connects to Plasmic every few seconds or a minute to check if there is a new version of the bundle. Probably it’s not necessary to check so often. Is there any way to control the time between fetches? I can’t find it in the documentation.

Apr 03 11:51:45 <my-host> npm[221247]: Plasmic: doing a fresh fetch...
Apr 03 11:51:46 <my-host> npm[221247]: Plasmic: fetched designs for "react-awesome-reveal" (58GpZjZCWTaJ8AUhpCwt2K@3.11.0), "plasmic-basic-components" (caTPwKxj5ZrD9LQ7DMdK4Z@3.14.0), "react-youtube" (enk3K4vZ6pmH6kVCoZJXGn@4.10.0), "<myproject> main web page" (<my-id>@9.9.0), "react-parallax-tilt" (szjgMQpPpxhmkjnaBvZQJG@2.11.0)
Apr 03 11:51:46 <my-host> npm[221247]: Warning: data for page "/[[...catchall]]" (path "/libraries-templates") is 464 kB which exceeds the threshold of 128 kB, this amount of data can reduce performance.
Apr 03 11:51:46 <my-host> npm[221247]: See more info here: <>

Also it would be nice to avoid the size warning, I suppose that it’s unavoidable, and the message is annoying. (edited)

You can update the revalidate argument returned from the [[...catchapp]].tsx file’s getStaticProps() to be less frequent, if any:

thanks! I’ll check

It does not seem to work. I have incremented revalidate to 300, hoping there is a fetch each 5 minutes. But it keeps fetching each few seconds, or maximim a minute

export const getStaticProps: GetStaticProps = async (context) => {
  ( ... )
  // Use revalidate if you want incremental static regeneration
  return { props: { plasmicData, queryCache }, revalidate: 300 };

perhaps these are milliseconds instead of seconds?

Hmm they are seconds, but it appears that for a dynamic route like [[...catchall]].tsx, the revalidation timer is for each static path. So there will be separate timers for /page, /page2, /page3, etc. This may be why you keep seeing fetches more often than every 5 minutes – different pages are being revalidated.

If you want more precise control here, you can also opt out of revalidate, and instead, add a webhook to your Plasmic project that is called when you publish, and have that webhook kick off a site build instead.

Aaaah this makes sense. You are true: if I compare fetch timestamps with the same path, they go each 5 minutes

This is ok for us, then. Many thanks!