Plasmic CMS API not working

This was all working before - but will leave it to @cute_muskox re recent edits / changes

no recent edits from my end

We’ll keep digging into what changed

build errors when trying to request from plasmic cms

Regarding the original cause of the issue, we think that at some point the integration base URL was updated from the empty string to include that full URL prefix, whereas all the uses of that integration already had the full url, hence all usages were specifying a nonsensical URL that included the full base URL twice

That’s something to bear in mind for the future, if you update the central base URL in the integration, that’s going to affect all uses of the integration

Regarding the 404, are you able to tell which page/fetch this is coming from? And what is the URL being fetched? Were all the URLs fixed?

hi @yang do you mean this screen? I removed the url that was in there and just left it as the placeholder one, it seems to give a different error now

how do i change the central base url?

i’ll try switching to the plasmic cms component like you suggested previously

@cute_muskox Can you share a link to where exactly you’re seeing that query and that error?

The central base URL for the integration is here:

thanks yang! that helps for the studio api 404 errors

I think we are good for now. The builds aren’t failing now, any ideas what might have happened? Thanks team

@yang Can we get a response to Phuong’s question here ^^^ please ?

@patient_peacock @cute_muskox Please see here:

Thx Yang

I’m actually asking about our buildings failing with a 404 error. For this I used gatsby-source-custom-api and pulling from 3 different plasmic CMS table queries.

The 404s are due to those URLs in the project not working. Plasmic supports performing the fetches at build time, so when you run a Gatsby build, it is executing the fetches that were specified in the page which will 404