Plasmic CMS API not working

Is Plasmic CMS API down?

@cute_muskox and @romantic_thrush Please add any findings here as we try to resolve this issue ASAP.

That error is a 404 which means the entry is not found or (common error) not yet published

But let me know if you have more details that point to something deeper

hi @yang this isn’t for an individual entry, the query is for all items from a certain table

we have queries to show blog items, products and webinars, they are currently blank

@cute_muskox can you share some more details so that we can help debug? What is the URL you are trying to issue requests for, and what is the CMS ID?


The Website pages effected are: (Can see 1st 20 but others don’t load ) (Webinars don’t appear in section titled “Want to join our next webinar?”)

@yang this is the /products url

@yang Is this now look like a Plasmic CMS API issue?

seeing this in our studio, have we been blocked or something? we are getting successful builds this morning at least

Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 6.23.31 am.png

@cute_muskox Thank you, we’re taking a look now

i’ve moved /products to jamstack, so it doesn’t’ call cms api directly but you can still see the error on pages like

I see these queries on the homepage - what was the URL you’re trying to fetch?

And on the news pages

(So for instance it’s trying to fetch the URL, i.e., a URL repeated twice, which doesn’t exist)

When I change that last example to this, it works:

Another thing you can do is to use the built-in CMS components, so you don’t have to use the generic HTTP integration to fetch data


We’re still digging deeper into what happened here, but were these by any chance recent edits you’re aware of? Or were things working before, and got changed?