Plasmic CMS bug

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Hi everyoneI found a bug on the Plasmic CMS.

I have a model with an image, text, and other things.

I have another model that uses the previous model as a “reference”.

In the first model, I have 6 entries and I filter them as I need in the Studio.

The first 3 entries were made like a month ago and when I fetched them I receive all the information.

However, the other 3 entries I made last week only give me the ID reference, but not the entire list of objects.

This is very weird because everything was done the same way in all the entries but clearly the back-end is not seeing them as the same.

My project link is Plasmic

Can you please give more information on where exactly those entries are being used in the project, the component name, the collection name, and any screenshots that may help investigate this?

The entries are used in the component called “Collection Slider”: Plasmic

I only have one Plasmic CMS in my project, and the model that has the issue is called “Slider Features”

Note: I know why is not rendering the information, I’m requesting a URL but the fetch goes only to the list ID and not its components. In the past they told me references are only references and one cannot retrieve the information there, however that is not true because I can retrieve the information of the “refs” for the entries called “Autodromo/Infinity/Stazzione” (in the image above), but not for the entries called “Evoluzione”. If one works I want the other to work too.

Thank you for providing the relevant screenshots and links

In the past they told me references are only references and one cannot retrieve the information there

Can you please link to where this was documented? I believe this should the expected behaviour, and in any case, the values of the referenced item should not leak into the data.feature[index] directly anyway.

I’ll open an issue for this, but to help us investigate this further, a recording where you expand one of the features in Evoluzione vs one in Autodrome would be helpful, and also show the Feature and Slider Features full model (including the nested model inside features) would be helpful.

Also, to unblock, you could add another CMS Data Fetcher to render each of the features, so they get listed even if the received data in the parent fetcher has IDs only.

About the reference documentation, I don’t know if that is stated, but someone from Plasmic support told me that, the only way to retrieve that reference information is to have nested CMS fetchers. I have had this same issue in the past, however for this particular component I didn’t change the fetcher and somehow it retrieved all the information inside the reference, but only for 4 entries.

I understand that could be the expected behavior, but that is not happening, and for me, it’s better if that doesn’t happen, currently, I have components with up to 4 CMS fetchers nested due to that limitation, it’s not only unclean but difficult to understand. I could use an external CMS but I prefer to have all natively in this project to prevent an excess of external calls to other apps.

These are screenshots of the models involved in this issue:
The slider model:

And the model referenced:

Here is a video showing the information retrieved for both Desks and Chairs:

To clarify, I understand how to bypass this situation, but first, it will be a pain due to how the model is, and maybe I have to change the model, and the way it was done was to abbreviate a lot of information, otherwise I would repeat a single feature 10 or 15 times in multiple entries, and second, I’m hoping the issue is the reference not being expanded and not the contrary.

Thank you for providing the relevant screenshots/video. Currently, the expected behavior is to receive just the reference id, and use nested CMS fetchers. As for why some of them are being expanded, it’s possibly because the model was changed after the first 3 entries were created. It seems that the features were part of the Slider Feature table, and later on split into 2 different tables.

We currently do not encourage renaming fields, as it may lead to stale data showing up.

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