Plasmic CMS is not working

Hi Guys. We have a big bug with the Plasmic CMS and our client is freaking out because today is their big release.

The bug:
• First Screenshot is how it should work. There it is correct. We are filtering the first list of people that have a boolean set to true. The second list shows people set to false
• Second Screenshot shows the English translation. Third Screenshot shows the French translation.
◦ The true/false filter does not get applied at all
◦ Plasmic shows a different set of people based on viewport, even though there are zero overrides

Weirdly enough, when I add a space to the true value, it displays the correct group of people. This does not work with false

Setting an override for “Sort descending” also shows the correct group of people on the english variant

I’m also having problems with the filter value ::smiling_face_with_tear:

Created static versions of my page for now.


Recorded a video of what happens.
I get it to display correctly in Plasmic, but when reloading the studio everything reverts to the old state.

It seems that the CMS doesn’t apply the where filter correctly

I see two queries with query?q={"where":{"isVorstand": "true"} and query?q={"where":{"isVorstand": "false"} both returning the same values

Seems to be a caching issue on the CMS side. If I switch the order of the requests I get the values filtered with false for both requests.

As a workaround we just separated into two different models

Taking a look

Can you confirm if it was fixed?

Everything that loads from the CMS is loading indefinitely…

Studio is down :dizzy_face:

seems to be back

Can you confirm if it was fixed?
Testing an old version locally it seems to indeed return again the filtered values.