Plasmic CMS is now available

<!channel> Plasmic CMS has touched down!

Love this, I was just working out what CMS to use!

@yang wow, this is awesome. The demo of the Data Loader is really nice. Can’t wait to have a similar seamless experience with Strapi or similar third party CMSs

I would love to see an integration with Drupal

Amazing! :rocket: :heart::tada:

Do we need to opt into this feature by sharing a project ID in the CMS thread or it should be available to all users by now as default?

I couldn’t see any CMS option in my account as shown in the YouTube video shared above. Do I need to configure something?

It should be in the process of rolling out now! Hopefully you will see it any moment :slight_smile:

Any deets on Headless API for rendering content anywhere, and API creating/updating content? I couldn’t see anything detailed in the newsletter.

Cc @multiple_vole who is about to land the API docs!

This is really amazing, getting close to be the best friend to any react front-end developer. So far I’ve seen implementations of the CMS as block-type elements in pages, but what about dynamic routes (like for blog-posts and stuff). So far the only way is to duplicate existing pages, or have a complex implementation in code - any plans to simplify this?

@soft_crane Working on it! :slightly_smiling_face:


you guys have been doing an amazing job…honestly you should get an award

Well done. Well done. It’s so amazing what you guys are creating for all of us. Helping people Make the web a better place.