PLasmic CMS Loader Server Side Rendering + Nextjs app folder

Hi there. I am using the Plasmic CMS, very nice thanks and congrats.

I only have a doubt. I am using the CMS Data Loader component and works perfect but I have question with Server Side Rendering, I always see the data fetching from Client Side and when I request only HTML I can see there is no pre-fetch. Is this behavior ok?

I think I read almost everything related either in Plasmic and Nextjs and I don’t see how to solve it. This worries me because of SEO and related topics.

Hi there! I didn’t really understand, are you using next JS or are you fetching the HTML from the rest api?

If you are using next js, you can follow the quick start here, and it should ensure that you are prefetching the data. Or you can just spin up a new code base using create-plasmic-app and it should just work.

If you are fetching the HTML from the rest api, then you can specify a parameter to make data fashion happen on our servers.

Hey @yang I was not clear, sorry.

In a nutshell,I always see the CMS Loader fetching the Plasmic CMS content from client -side.

You will know for SEO purposes it need to be server-side pre-fetch data and I am not seeing it. am I right? It supposed to work works with SSR or do you think is more related with Next.js?


It works with SSR.

I just mean, are you using Next.js, or are you doing something else?

Can you verify that if you try using create-plasmic-app, everything works as expected?

From there, you can debug the differences to see what’s different in your own codebase.