Plasmic CMS models are reverting back to content published in the past

Hi team plasmic
we are facing issues with the Plasmic CMS. The published changes in the models are reverting back to content published at a back date. We have faced this issue multiple times. Difficult to handle content this way. Please help

Hi @disturbing_alpaca, happy to help. Are you able to share the link to a specific entry that is experiencing this problem? And if there are any steps necessary to reproduce it?

thanks for your respons @yang we are facing this issue with the dynamic pages on our website
specially these. the content changes revert back to older version for no reason at all

hi @yang waiting for your response

I spent a while doing some digging, but it looks right to me - if you see an issue, can you share more specific details? Which item is wrong, what is expected, what is it actually? Is it only in live production or in editor as well? If it reverts back when does it revert back?

the problem is more with the text content

like this text on the first section. We updated it in the cms multiple times, but it just goes back to an older version in the CMS . and same reflects on the pages

I see that the text is matching the current published text in that field:

Showcase your furniture using our lifestyle scenes and tell your brand story effortlessly. Creating photo realistic images is seamless with DoMyShoot

So you’re saying the content is reverting in the CMS itself?

We’ve been having trouble reproducing this behavior - would you mind reproducing the issue by updating the text, publishing, and then taking a screenshot of a published entry like this that contains the updated text and timestamp, so that we can confirm it is happening and trace it back to a timestamp and catch when it is changing? Thanks, this will help us track down the problem for you.

Hi @yang We changed this content in the morning but it reverted back to older version with errors

Going to follow up with what we’re finding in the DMs (we see the data getting overwritten)