Plasmic CMS upload image restrictions


We’re using Plasmic CMS to store the data we want to show on the UI for Blog posts. One of the fields in the Blog model is an image upload, when we create an entry to the Blog and upload one of our images, we encounter this error

Screenshot 2024-01-19 at 4.17.38 PM

The image we’re trying to add has a property of:

  • File Size: 15.7MB
  • Dimensions: 6720x4480
  • Resolution: 300x300
  • Color space: RGB
  • Color profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

I am assuming that the image file might be too large or the file size exceeds the specific limit to upload. Regardless, the documentation doesn’t indicate these limits so any idea how to proceed on uploading this image?


I also am trying to build an app that is focused around file uploading. Is there a plasmic file upload size limit? How can we work around this? This is a show stopper if it can not be bypassed and means I have wasted a lot of time.