Plasmic default styles for h1, etc. are overriding stylesheet styles

Hi Plasmic, anyway to overwrite the default styles/inject our own custom styles for tags like h1, h2 etc. Currently plasmic styles are overriding our stylesheet for these selectors.

You can define default styles for h1 etc in the default styles panel on the left:

default styles.gif

I understand how to set default styles, but I want to have a stylesheet globals.css have h1 { color: red; } and in plasmic studio have the h1 tags be styled red by my stylesheet rather than the Default Styles

ah I see; there’s no clean way to do this right now, as they’ll probably be overridden by Plasmic-generated styles. One possible way is to up the specificity of your default stylesheet, like…

.app-root h1 {
  color: red;

But that may have other implications…

Gotcha, cool beans.