Plasmic failing to load entirely

Good afternoon! After a recent deployment of a few edits from plasmic to our site, plasmic has been failing to load. I’ve attempted to load any page on the project but the site is always blank. Looking at the dev tools, it’s constantly spamming this message in the image below. I’ve attempted to load this page from all modern browsers on 2 separate PCs in normal and incognito mode to no avail. It was working about 3 days ago so I’m wondering if you’d be able to shed some light on what might be causing the load to fail.

What’s your custom app host?

We’re currently running on vercel

what’s the url for your custom app host? feel free to dm :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha let me do that

it looks like you have two conflicting versions of @plasmicapp/host running… are you installing both @plasmicapp/host and @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs in your package.json?

Interesting, do you know the versions? In our package.json we’re just running the following from plasmicapp

"@plasmicapp/cli": "^0.1.215",
"@plasmicapp/host": "^1.0.107",
"@plasmicapp/react-web": "^0.2.162",

ah, got it. To avoid this issue, you can remove @plasmicapp/host in your package.json, and let @plasmicapp/react-web pull in the right version of @plasmicapp/host for you

Ah perfect, that worked! Thank you!

I have the same issue when I try to use npm link. Library and app both have the same versions of @plasmicapp/host and @plasmicapp/loader-nextjs. On Vercel everything’s working fine,

I ran into this same issue, deleted the "@plasmicapp/host": "^1.0.107", in package.json then everything works fine. Super technical, i would never have figured this out if not for this post