Plasmic generated code runtime dependencies on Plasmic servers (compliance question)

Hey. We’re new to Plasmic and evaluating it as a way to have a clean hand-off between designers and front-end developers for our existing app. We self-host and mostly want to use it for it’s React component generation. Our app contains PHI and so we are very careful about introducing any new modules that may risk sending sensitive data through other servers. Using a similar flow that is documented in the code gen tutorials ( and where we host everything and only generate code), the modules plasmicapp/host and plasmicapp/react-web are included and only seem to be helper methods, but we want be sure and just want to know if anyone knows if the generated code is completely offline and not reaching out to plasmic servers before we deep dive on this. The hesitation for us is around the pricing of Plasmic and how it includes a certain number of page views and it claims “page views are counted using client-side instrumentation”, but when I run the tutorials, I don’t see any call-outs to plasmic, so assuming we’re safe here, but wasn’t sure if anyone had any insight?

Hi @stupid_starfish!

Correct, the analytics tracking doesn’t apply to codegen

Nor does automatic image optimization

There shouldn’t be any other runtime dependency on Plasmic or third-party servers

Related note: components from the component store do not get automatically included either unless you explicitly npm install them

Awesome! Thanks @yang for the quick response and the related note! This is a great product!