Plasmic incompatible with older Next.js versions

Dear Plasmic Team,
we’re using Plasmic with Next.js and Vercel. Some time ago everything was gone and when I’ve updated the host library everything was working fine again. Also this morning the site was broken, because of an outdated host library. We use Plasmic in our stack and when we have more and more clients with it, it would be really a problem. Because we would have to update every Next.js application one by one. Would it be possible to make it compatible with older versions on your side?

Hi! Sorry; we do test with older versions but perhaps not old enough… which version were you on before?

Sorry, my fault. It was the loader-nextjs and we had 1.0.289 before the update and I got 1.0.293 then. loader-react was 1.0.274 and it’s 1.0.276 now. prepass seems new in our yarn.lock.

could you send me the ID of a project that broke with loader-nextjs version 1.0.289?