Plasmic is being very slow today

Hey, can you tell why plasmic is slow today? Pages are not loading and if loaded only the mobile version is loaded and desktop stays as white screen? :open_mouth: We have to refresh browser 4-5 times to get to the pages! :disappointed:

Hi, could you give more context on your issue, did this start to happen on the studio for you recently ? Could you share your projectId ? Feel free to dm me if needed

My devs are seeing a lot of slowness while pointing the plasmic-host to localhost today as well. Similarly I saw some slowness while using a production hosted plasmic-host

Slow page loads, and the occasional white screen

Same here. Canvas barely loading. Maybe a scheduled downtime?

Yeah our marketing department is trying to get some work done and they are saying itโ€™s quite slow

@fmota Any updates?

Iโ€™m seeing multi-minute-long page loads even on the /projects screen now

Hi guys, thatโ€™s definitely an unexpected behavior, I will be investigating on it

Is the performance back to normal for you guys ? Also you can use Focus Mode to improve the studio performance

Yes, thank you!

Better today so far, thanks @fmota ! What was the issue?

Will try focus mode as well