Plasmic is extremely sluggish–interactions all cause loading spinner

Plasmic is extremely sluggish for me, unable to interact with the tool itself and more than a minute to full load the project. Any interaction causes a loading spinner

Are you still having issues ?

Yeah I’m still having this issue

Another dev on our team is running into sluggish initial loads

@responsible_spider, I feel your pain. As our project size increased, the Studio’s performance decreased. Here are my best tips:

  1. Try using Microsoft Edge, it helped prevent crashes for me, as it natively allows more memory allocation than Chrome
  2. Turn ON hardware acceleration in your browser settings
  3. Use Focus Mode in Studio to the extent that you can.
  4. Interestingly enough, force quitting Adobe’s creative cloud and other Adobe services, even though they weren’t using much memory has helped.
  5. Ensure that there isn’t any code that is on your host server that could be making the artboard sluggish.
    Hope you’re doing well, sir!

Could you help here @victor ?