Plasmic issue with Untitled UI design system


I’m Alex, from Madrid, Spain. Been eyeing Plasmic for a while. Would love to use it for a company website I’m building, but I can never quite get the template and pre-built component experience that I’d like

I’m giving it another shot right now with a Figma design system called Untitled UI:

The Figma components seem to be very clean and they use autolayout as suggested in the Plasmic docs

The importer works very nicely for desktop

But it doesn’t adapt well to mobile

More than troubleshooting this specific issue, I have a more general question… I’m not married to that design system so I was wondering if there is anyway to quickly import a large design system with section templates etc. in Plasmic?

Or does anyone have any experience with Untitled UI specifically? Thank you

@frank_chipmunk I’d look into the links below, it will allow you to import Figma layouts into Plasmic. Also if you have Code Components or Studio Components registered in Plasmic you can map your Figma components directly upon importing your design

(anyone feel correct me if I am wrong)

If the designs are indeed using auto layout and constraints, then you might just need to set the root element width to be stretch rather than a fixed pixel size.

I haven’t seen that one before but plasmic does have a couple of built-in templates and component libraries available. If you are looking for something else more specific though then you’ll need to make them available in plasmic. Either by building them out in Plasmic, registering react components from your code base, or importing figma designs. Let me know if that’s what you mean

Yea thanks @useful_gibbon I already tried them; they work pretty well

Yea, it’s what I mean. But what I mean ultimately is that it would be great to have even more templates in Plasmic, like Webflow has. I think the Plasmic platform is great - love the idea of being able to work with Nextjs and React under the hood, and a lot of other things - but I still feel as if Webflow might be faster to operate thanks to their selection of ready made templates

@frank_chipmunk yes that makes sense! If you are just talking about templates, Plasmic does have a few dozen templates at the moment, including full websites, individual pages, and sections that you can insert. But there is of course much more that a community could produce than we can.