Plasmic light/dark mode causing flashes.

So there’s some issues with Plasmic’s approach to light mode/dark mode for webapges:
• Mainly, there’s the “flash”. Because we have to use Plasmic’s global variants, and not the normally recommended prefers-color-scheme media query, we cannot prerender the page according to the user’s system preferences. We default to dark mode, then find the system prefs are light, and the page flashes to light mode.
We want this page theme to recognize visitor’s system prefs.

Is there any tips on the approach to do this in Plasmic in a way that wouldn’t cause flashes when loading the page?

Thanks for the feedback, this is a current limitation of global variants, but we are thinking about how to let you connect certain global variants to media queries for exactly the reasons you mentioned

Ok! Thanks for the reply @yang

Hi @yang do you guys plan to have the support for this soon? I’m really interested on making this happen on our website.

It’s actually a constant request from my CEO :stuck_out_tongue: