Plasmic page deleted/hidden but still visible

Hi all! When we delete a published page (or hide it) in plasmic studio, we aren’t seeing the changes propagate into our production site (the page is still visible). Is the page cached on a CDN? How can we clear that? We redeployed our nextjs application in case it was caching locally, but that didn’t help.

If you redeployed your nextjs app, it should definitely be not reusing any previous cache… :thinking_face:

Do you see the issue if you try in a brand new create-plasmic-app? This can help us narrow down the issue

I think the problem was that I was expecting the changes to show up without publishing. We ended up creating a new project and now realize that we need to publish to remove pages/hide them.

Ah got it, yes - changes will not happen to your production site without your explicit publishing.