Plasmic page taking a long time to fetch in a Next.js app?

Hi, i have a big issue about the performance of my app with plasmic, i use next.js and the page make a lot of time to fetch, i also big problem with image optimization that i upload in plasmic. It have a big impact on my website performance. Does someone know why ? Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @engrossing_bee, you can figure out what’s wrong by comparing what you have with a brand new Next.js codebase created using create-plasmic-app. (Do you see the same performance issue there?)

From there, you’ll want to try to narrow the problem down further to either your configuration (such as missing SSG, leaving preview enabled, etc.), your codebase or code components (such as triggering unexpected re-mounts), or the Plasmic page itself (such as a mobile variant that is altering contents or props, triggering a re-render).

I had to use getServerSideProps instead of getStaticProps to access the hostname, does it impact a lot the performance ?

And like i said the image are not optimized from plasmic, do i have something to do, to optimize them ?

Ignoring Plasmic - gSSP always will be slower than gSP but usually rendering is fast.

With Plasmic, you have an additional step of fetching data, but that’s from AWS Cloudfront CDN. Assuming you don’t have preview: true?

Have you tried doing the comparison with create-plasmic-app?

Re: images: do any of the pitfalls here apply? (E.g. are you using background-image?)