Plasmic site not syncing to GitHub repo

sorry for posting so many questions but now i’m having issues with a different plasmic site, the project doesn’t sync to my repo and therefore isn’t pushing to github pages. according plasmic studio everything is working fine on that end so i’m assuming it’s just a github issue


I think when you connected to your repo on the GitHub Push section you chose Loader, is that right? In this mode, we skip the Sync phase, because no Plasmic-generated code is checked into your repo.

yes i did set it to loader

If you set it to codegen it’s going to work like your other project

still does not appear to be working, tried disconnecting and reconnecting it, recreating the plasmic-push.yml, and fixing the catchall and / issue from the other one

the pages sync as tsx files in the main repo but don’t appear as html files in the gh-pages repo like on my other site, I did everything like the other one and have tried a few times but it still doesn’t update

Ok, I’ll take a look again