Plasmic + Strapi + ngrok not working

I have integrated Plasmic and Strapi and to test run from my localhost I ran ngrok to make my localhost link available for Plasmic. But the issue arrived that in the studio it was showing configure your host, and on the website it was mapping through with the items correctly and showing choose the field name on the website


Hi @aaryansh_bharadwaj , would you have more tips on how to repro this so we can debug it? Are you seeing any errors from your console?

I think there is something it’s trying to get OPTIONS from the Strapi link instead of GET.
I am talking about request method.
To repro this follow the steps →
set up basic plasmic app
set up basic Strapi app
host the strapi localhost to an ngrok link
install strapi component in plasmic
load the configs public or private doesn’t matter

OPTIONS is what the browser automatically since before sending the actual request when it is a different origin. The server needs to allow CORS. Can you confirm that it works normally outside of plasmic, in other words, that you can make requests to your strappy server on ngrok from another https origin?

Yes it is working fine