Plasmic Studio crashing frequently on Chrome on Mac

Is anyone else having issues with Chrome on Mac? Over the past few days, Plasmic Studio crashes every few minutes. It’s hard to get more than 5 minutes worth of work in without a crash.

I’ve removed all extensions, turned off hardware acceleration, downloaded the latest version, and even reinstalled. Nothing works.

Is there some error log or recording that I can send to provide the team with additional information? Thank you!

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 10.45.06 AM.png

Hey @parliamentary_trout, does that happen in a new blank/small project or just in a specific project of yours?

I haven’t tested it with a new project. Chrome never crashes anywhere else, other than when I use Plasmic Studio.

This used to happen to me on the old days too. Performance has been mostly good lately,?but this happens to me if I have more than 5 art boards open.

Hmm… I typically have 15 art boards open:

3 variants, with 5 screen sizes each

  1. Base Variant
  2. Global Authenticated User Variant
  3. Global Dark Mode
  4. Base
  5. Desktop
  6. Tablet
  7. Mobile Landscape
  8. Mobile portrait
    In addition, as components grow in complexity, they may have many variant groups, variants, interaction states, and combinations open at any given time.

@tiago, here’s an update:

Will you take a look at this? I’m now unable to do any work.

Project: 58CNSVogj92RP9LTu21UrC

Page: DashboardProfile

The studio won’t even fully render without crashing.

This morning I reformatted my entire mac, reinstalled macOS, and installed Chrome again.

Hey Christopher, it looks like your project is using a lot of memory, causing the browser to crash. We are investigating it further to understand the problem better and see how we can improve studio memory usage.

Thank you so much. I’d love to hear what you find, and how we can improve it. If there was a method to hide some of the artboards, without clearing the content, that would be helpful.

For now, I’ve found Firefox doesn’t crash. It has some bugs while using the Studio, but at least it doesn’t crash every few minutes.